Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Which I Salute Scotland

It's Homecoming Week round these parts, and that means we have all sorts of weird dress up days at school. Yesterday was the Ultimate Sports Fan Day, the idea being that you dressed up to support your favorite sports team.

Ahem. I don't really watch sports. I don't even pretend to LIKE too many sports.

So, I started thinking it would be really fun to support a sport that is not all that common in the US. After some chatting, another colleague came up with the idea that we could be caber tossers.
After finding a "kilt" at Goodwill, some knee socks at Target, and grabbing a pool noodle from my backyard, I was ready to go!

I also drew a picture of the Scottish flag on my board, and played bagpipe music inbetween all my classes.

If I wasn't in their heads as being 'colorful' before, I bet I am now.
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