Saturday, May 26, 2007

Soundtrack in my head

Every once in a while Husband leaves a CD in my car; this week it was a compilation of all kinds of European songs. It's rather ecclectic; he's outdone himself this time, as it starts with ABBA & then goes to Bach, the Tarantella, and German heavy metal. (and that's just the first part!) And since I can occasionally be a bit lazy... I've been listening to it all week.

However, he also included this song by Ozone, a now-defunct Romanian pop band that I fell in love with the summer after Bird was born. (hey, a newborn + lots of daytime TV = some really bizarre loves!). The songs were just so light and happy, and that was something I really needed in those first few weeks. I later Googled & discovered that the lyrics really were as empty and bubble-gummy as they sounded, but somehow that has not diminished my enjoyment!
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