Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Redux

Since 1993 (FIFTEEN YEARS ago!), Husband has woken up very early on Thanksgiving morning & gone to run a Turkey Trot race. Every year. No matter where we are that year.

This year marked the first time that a) we did not have infants, b) we were home, and c) we were not in a place with freezing weather. So we all went with him.

This pic was taken just after they started. It was a pretty big race this year - took 9 minutes before everyone crossed the start line!!

Once we'd finished watching everyone start, we still had about 7-9 minutes before we'd see Husband finish (it was a 5K race this year), so we amused ourselves around the finish line. The kids wanted their picture taken with the inflat-o-turkey.

Considering the race was at 8am, and dinner was going to be around 3-4pm, I had some time on my hands. Set the table with the good china:

Amusingly enough, it did not occur to me that I had forgotten silverware until it was almost time to eat!

Here's Husband ready to carve our first-ever turkey!!

The feast, for which we were truly thankful:

Happy Weekend to you all!!
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