Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Should I Celebrate? I Just Went to DisneyWorld!!

I have to say, April is turning out to be quite the month as far as school stuff is concerned!! Yesterday was the big awards assembly at my school. For the most part, it's all stuff for the kids (as it should be!), but the 2nd award (after recognizing the yearbook staff) is the dedication of the yearbook.

This year.... (drumroll) it went to ME!!! That's right, my yearbook photo was projected on the super gigantic screen in the gym! (the horror, the horror!!) And it will be plastered all over the beginning pages of this year's yearbook.

They made me climb all the way out of the bleachers and onto the stage to receive my plaque.

Okay, it may look a little weird with all that identifying information erased. And yes, it has a typo. But it's for me!!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly touched. There was lots of cheering & clapping as I made my way up there. And a big hug from the editor himself. I didn't stop smiling for quite a while.
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