Monday, April 21, 2008

Turning off the TV - Part 1

The Junkie

Today marks the beginning of Turn Off Your TV Week. The idea is to challenge yourself to turn off the television for an entire week - mainly to see if you can survive, I suppose.

Growing up, I was a mnimal television watcher. We did have a satellite dish, but for the most part I was just too BUSY.... with my nose stuck in a book, to be honest. I was an occasional - usually weekend - viewer, mainly whenever I could find a good scary movie or a really stupid sitcom.

Then I went away to college, obtained a television of my own, and discovered cable television. I mostly blame The WB, TLC and Comedy Central for my addiction. But there were so many good shows and movies!

By the time I was married, I'd turned into a full-fledged junkie - needed the thing on all day long if I was home. Considering I did not work outside of the home the first couple of months, I had plenty of time to set up house (well, technically apartment) and listen to completely inane yammer. Though I wasn't always watching, I'd grown accustomed to having the noise on in the background, and felt lonely if it was silent.

Then we moved into our house. No more cable - with a mortgage, we were cutting corners wherever we could. So we bought a set of rabbit-ears & have only had those ever since.

I swear I have a point coming up soon....

I still had the tv on whenever I was home. I was now working, so it wasn't all day, every day - but it was still on from when I got home until I went to bed, and that was several hours a day.

After Bird was born, I still kept the tv on for company. In fact, I discovered how late into the night the networks would show reruns. (3am for my favorites, in most cases).

Eventually, though, Bird got old enough to notice the television. That was a sad day for me.

Or really.... it was the day I began to take a long, hard look at my habit.

To be continued...
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