Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What goes on behind those doors?!

When Bird started preschool last August, her teachers celebrated when she began talking in class in October.

Bug, it seems, does not have that issue! Apparently, if he acts even remotely quiet, he might require hospitalization. Or maybe just some really good meds.

Let me back up a bit... I received a phone call from Bug's teacher in the middle of a Chemistry class. (note to self: turn up ringer volume! I'm still amazed I heard it from the depths of my tote bag.) She was calling to let me know that Bug had been feeling strangely quiet, had a slight fever (only 99F), and was complaining that his ear hurt. She was about to feed him snack, and said she would call me back to let me know how he was doing and if he needed to go home.

After I gave her Husband's cell phone number & asked her to bother inform him instead of any new developments, I just started emailing him myself. (After I finished explaining today's lab to my class and got them started, in case you were wondering. No free time for them!).

Husband decided to just go to the school and pick Bug up, since his job is a good 45 minutes away. When he arrived, he ran into several people who commented to the effect of "Oh, I hope Bug is okay/he seemed so sad this morning/I guess he's not feeling well!!"

I bet you can guess what Husband found in Bug's classroom. That's right: Bug, without a trace of any problem! Husband asked him about his ear. Bug's reply? "Yes, my ear hurt. It not hurt now!"

I mean, what is this kid doing that one slightly quiet morning on his 4th day of school is cause for alarm?!

Alternate closing thought: WHAT THE HECK were these people thinking, calling me for a 99F temperature?!?! (I know, I know, better safe than sorry...)
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