Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Year's Theme?

Heather is apparently one of many who have decided to reflect upon their posts for 2008. The idea is that you take the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2008 and see if you notice any pattern or common theme. Sounds like this could be fun or dangerous. Perhaps both.

January: Happy New Year!
(yes, let's start off in a jolly party tone! I'm always up for fireworks.)

February: I found myself perusing my gigantic stack of magazines yesterday, when I came across this snippet (that I'm now paraphrasing cause I already recycled the magazine).
(ohhh.... trashy magazine reading.... haven't done any of that since this summer's road trip!)

March: I took a cute little punctuation quiz.
(And came out a colon. And then the room falls silent as we all think of inappropriate responses to that statement.)

April: Do you celebrate April Fool's Day?
(Just a little joke I played on my students. It went fantastically!)

May: Hmmm.... where could Bug be hiding??
(Got to love the mind of a three year old!)

June: Today, I've been slowly trying to go through the photos on my camera disk and clean them off the disk.
(Which reminds me... it's about that time again...)

July: WHOOP WHOOP - we've returned to the East!!
(when we crossed back to the East side of the Mississippi River after having driven out to the Grand Canyon.)

August: It's that time of year again: Preplanning - preparing for another year of school.
(Ugh. Starting on a Friday did stink. But hey, at least we just didn't have a workday this spring; got to jump right into classes without a second thought!)

September: Apparently, I just need some really good prompt ideas for blog entries these days.
(In which I discuss my labors on Labor Day.)

October: Imagine the scenario: a student (not mine) disobeys a teacher (not me), and the teacher writes him up.
(the first time some deep thought show up in this list! But I was rather fond of this post.)

November: Last night, Husband & I watched the new Indiana Jones movie.
(mmmm.... Harrison Ford....)

December: Perhaps my favorite field trip (I'm ignoring the fact that it's my ONLY field trip!) is where I take my physics class to a theme park to study all the different types of rides.
(And it was so much fun!!!)

I think it's safe to say.... this blog's theme? FLUFFY.

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