Monday, June 2, 2008

Camera Dump

Today, I've been slowly trying to go through the photos on my camera disk and clean them off the disk. I don't take pictures off the camera until I've had a chance to sit down & decide which ones will (eventually) be printed. Those ones are copied into a special file (appropriately titled "To Be Printed"), and then every picture is filed in other spots on my hard drive.

This year has been so crazy that I haven't properly cleaned the camera disk since New Year's. Since I'm almost out of room on the disk (close to 1900 photos!) and I'm now off school, figured it was time to see what in the world I've been holding on to!!

This was New Year's Eve. Two of my oldest & dearest friends came to visit us. Between the three of us there are 7 kids, Bird being the only girl.

Here's one I apparently meant to post back in February. This is what happens when 6 different classes are taught in your classroom by 2 different teachers (who also happen to be mothers of young children- that explains the snail) who are too busy to erase the previous teacher's work.

(How is THAT for a run-on sentence?!)

One other fateful afternoon in February, my darling daughter came out of her room dressed like this. Yes, that is her underwear on her head. And her teddy bear wearing an underwear toga.

My children pretending they are bicycles.

In March I took Bird to her first real play. It involved a mouse & she really liked it!

Eventually we dyed eggs for Easter.

Wow. Finally hit the halfway mark - about 1000 pics left on the camera. At least it was also half the time!!
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