Thursday, June 12, 2008

Humor in the Bathroom

I always find it amusing to learn how things are sometimes processed in my children's heads.

On the road, Bug had some very interesting conversations with Husband. In two different bathrooms, of all places!

Bug: Go in there?
Husband: Well, somebody's in there, so we have to wait our turn.
Bug: (in a singsongy voice, complete with flourishing hand motions): Abrete!
(Spanish for open in the command tense - for lack of proper grammatical terminology!)

* * *

Bug: But I don't want to go potty
Husband: That's okay, just stand there & wait.
Bug: Oh no! A bug!
Husband: That's a fly. Just leave him alone.
Bug: But it's a baby fly.
Husband: ???
Bug: He wants his mommy.
Husband: ???
Bug: (to the fly) Your mommy's not here! Go to the girls bathroom!!
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