Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Puppy Pewter

We are not a pet household. I admit it, the thought of pets makes me crawl in my skin.

Bird, however, is an animal lover. She also has a great imagination, so when we told her there was no chance of a real dog, she went and invented her own pet. She really wanted a puppy dog and she found one she liked in Bug's basket of stuffed friends.

This is Pewter. Isn't he cute?

He loves to go out for walks.

And check this out - he can even keep up with a herd of children on bicycles. And it doesn't hurt him at all to be dragged along like that. I'm told he likes it.

When he's tired, but he still wants to be outside, she will tie his leash to the garage wall so he can see everything.

He's a very sociable puppy - he's made some great friends and they all have tea parties together.

Occasionally he sleeps in our foyer. I asked Bird what the broom was for. Though she does not know the actual word, it's apparetly a limbo stick. I guess Pewter's quite the partier when everyone else is sleeping.

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