Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 10, Part 2: Flying W Ranch

After traveling to the top of Pike's Peak, we found that when dinnertime hit, we were more than a little hungry. Thankfully, we had dinner reservations at the Flying W Ranch.

The ranch (and yes, it is a real working ranch) opens at 5pm, which allows you plenty of time to explore their Western town before dinner. There were samples of cabins, teepees, a church (that apparently has a service every Sunday morning run by a couple of the cowboys), and shops that we could explore.

The ranch is not without a sense of humor.

The only kind of annoying thing was the fact that just about every building had a little bit of history and a LOT of gift shop. The kids loved it, but it got a bit tiring making sure that they didn't break anything.

There was a real train that you could ride around the mountain a couple of times. Even Husband wanted to ride!

Finally it was time for dinner. And they weren't kidding when they hope that you are hungry!!

This was dinner. We did upgrade to a steak dinner (normally you get a piece of chicken or a slab of beef), and in retrospect probably would not do that again (it was good, but not GREAT).

On that plate you see the meat, baked beans (an absolutely delicious secret recipe), baked potato, bread, applesauce (amazing), and spice cake.

The kids were free (as they're both under 6 years old) and also received that much food.

Once folks have had plenty of time to eat, the Flying W Wranglers come out. They play Western music (NOT country), which means they only have instruments that cowboys would have out on the range - things like guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins. (I think they were stretching it a bit with that bass though!)

I was amazed at what these guys could play - some incredible talent here.

Whew!! We all crashed at the end of the day.
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