Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camera Dump - Part 2

Here we have Bug helpfully sweeping out the garage.

Bug's beloved Elmo. Taken during a show at Sea World.

A Curiously Fun Birthday Party. (It was a Curious George theme. The birthday girl is the Man in the Yellow Hat, and she led her guest monkeys on a wild & crazy game of follow-the-leader around the playground.)

One of the houses constructed by my physics students. It was their 4th quarter project - build a house & wire it! (They had a specific list of circuits to build).

A close-up of my prom dress. I was one of the chaperones. And wow did I dress up - this dress was $30 on clearance! And Husband got to come too, but he just wore a really nice suit. And we looked goooood.

And in today's final image.... I am sooooo glad this wasn't my car!! :)

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