Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 4: On Our Own

Tuesday, June 10

Fast Facts:

Starting: Tennessee
Ending: Illinois
Today's Mileage/Total Mileage: 364 mi (586 km)/1161 mi (1868 km)

Today was the first time that it felt we were truly on our way; since we were visiting with family up until now, it just felt like the same sort of trips we've taken before. However, now we were strinking off into the great unknown, driving through places neither Husband nor I have ever seen. It meant we got to see some great scenery like this:

After several hours of driving through Tennessee, we finally cut across a little corner of Kentucky (state motto: You're no Longer in Tennessee!!), where we got stuck in a traffic jam for a good 45 minutes.

This was all we could see for a loooooong time. Once it finally cleared, we made rather fast time to Metropolis, Illinois (Home of the giant Superman Statue! And not much else...) We set up camp in Ft. Massac State Park.

Besides us, there was really only a huge mess of Girl Scouts tent camping. (Oh the memories that stirred up!) Bird & Bug were both thrilled to not only sleep inside their sleeping bags, but to play for hours with their new flashlights.

The night was uneventful (thankfully!), and the next morning we packed up the car
and hit the road again.
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