Saturday, June 28, 2008

The End (??) of the Tent

I mentioned a while back about how one of the tent poles had broken. Since then we'd done the best we could, but here in Flagstaff the tent has met its Waterloo. Apparently folks flock here to camp because it's so much prettier (read: NOT DESERT) than the rest of Arizona. And it is - we found the nights to be downright pleasant, if not a little chilly. Flagstaff, however, is windy.

Partway through the first night, I woke to discover that the tent was swaying quite a bit in the wind. I suspect that if we were not at the bottom of it that it could be off amongst the tumbleweeds somewhere. As it was, when we woke up for real, one side looked a little funny. As we got out, we discovered why:

The rain shield (and I use that term loosely!) had partially come off, but the porch area had completely collapsed, and the poles cracked in several places.

We had no real alternative option for our second night there, so we jury-rigged it the best we could (all hail the Almighty Roll of Duct Tape!) and prayed that there would not be huge gusts of wind that night (there weren't). There was no way, however, that we would be able to sleep in the tent again on this trip (it was barely standing the next morning - would have collapsed if someone looked at it funny.).


Meanwhile, Bird & Bug were fascinated with all the pine needles at this campground, and set about making bird's nests. Here they are hard at work,

and here are 2 of their finished projects:

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