Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 7: Still Nowhere Like Home

Friday, June 13 (ahhh!)

Fast Facts
Starting: Missouri
Ending: Kansas
Today's Mileage/Total Mileage: 243 mi (391 km)/1735 mi (2792 km)

This morning presented a new kind of challenge: break camp as fast as humanly possible. While we did wake early (kids have been up at 6:30am reliably - that's what we get for traveling an hour earlier!), it soon became apparent that there was a storm moving in - a bad one. In a rather ingenious move, we buckled the kids into their carseats, handed them their (dry!) breakfast, and put our rears in gear. Thankfully, we made it out just before the rain hit, though we did have a bit of a harrowing drive. I'm guessing we were in front of the storm that caused all that flooding; we did drive out of it eventually.

Since we did hit the road rather quickly, we made it to our destination much earlier than anticipated! Husband & I almost had no idea what to do with ourselves! Our campsite looked even more elaborate than usual, but it was wonderful eating inside the screen room - away from the bugs.

The kids had time to swim in the pool, and I have to brag on my new camera a bit. In the first shot, you can see about where I was sitting.

I did not move my rear one inch to take this picture. Cool, huh?!

Later, they even had time to play in the game hut. They had several old video games in there,

as well as a bookcase full of paper, crayons, and markers.

As this was a Friday, it was our first experience with campground activities. There was a hayride (we had traveled the farthest to be there - we were the only ones not within an hour!), followed by an ice cream social, much to the kids' delight (and mine too, to be honest!)

Later that night they projected a movie onto the big screen - RV, with Robin Williams. It started after the kids were asleep, so Husband & I got to have a sort-of date night.

All in all, a rather relaxing day.
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