Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 19: Remember the Alamo!!

Wednesday, June 25

Fast Facts

Starting: Texas
Ending: Texas (am starting to wonder if we will ever LEAVE Texas!!)
Today's Mileage/Total Mileage: 123 mi (197 km)/4197 mi (6754 km)

We didn't have very far to go today because we'd planned on spending the day in San Antonio. Looking back, we should have just sucked it up yesterday & spent 2 nights in San Antionio in order to avoid all the "excitement" of Junction, but oh well.

Now, I can say I will remember the Alamo.

This is pretty much the only picture you can take of it, because they ban cameras inside the (really tiny) building. And I didn't feel like testing the guys in red vests - they looked hot & cranky & ready to use those bayonets. (Okay I'm kidding. But only about the bayonets.)

Outside in the garden they have lots of cannons on display. Bird thought they looked like wonderful horses.

Once we'd exhausted all that the Alamo had to offer (including a 15 minute film in an air conditioned room & checking out all the weird things made from chili peppers that you can buy in the gift shop), we walked down the street a bit until we went down into the Riverwalk.

The concept is a little hard to explain, but what you do is head down the street towards the river, and then go down a staircase. You will find yourself at the river's edge, in amongst all sorts of shops, hotels and restaurants.

Perhaps the main touristy thing to do is ride the riverboats. And we did. It takes you all around the river, and your guide points out things he hopes you will be interested in, all the while making really bad jokes.

I might have liked it better, had we not made the mistake of going immediately after getting there - around 3:30 pm. And it was still HOT!!!

Bug & Bird agreed.

Fortunately, there is a shopping mall right around there (because apparently it's not a civilied place without a shopping mall??) where we could spend some time drinking their cold filtered water & soaking up their lovely air conditioning.

We did have dinner on the Walk before returning back to the campground, where the kids spent quite a bit of time splashing around in the pool before bedtime.
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