Saturday, May 31, 2008

Someone who did not want to work today

Conversation with a waitress:

Waitress: And what would you like to order?
Jaime: I'd like to have the pizza...
W: (interrupting) I'm sorry, you can't have pizza.
J: Oh. How come?
W: You can't have pizza on a weekday before 5pm.
J: Oh... (frantically looking, but noting that this is written NOWHERE on the menu) are there any other restrictions I should know about? (rapidly trying to figure out backup choice from menu)
W: You can have anything you want from the menu.
J: I don't think I can, if I can't have pizza.
W: You can have anything you want from the smaller lunch menu.
J: (holding the larger, complete menu). Then why are there larger menus even on the table?
(silence while the temperature drops a couple of degrees)
J: Okay, I'll have the cheeseburger.

In case you were wondering, it was a very tasty cheeseburger. But it was very tiny & I was still hungry afterwards.
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