Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dear Bird,

You earned your nickname before you were born because of the way you fluttered around inside of me. Even then you were ready for a party when people were around - it seemed like you recognized certain voices, and would get excited whenever you heard them.

Then you came out, immediately making your presence and preferences known. (Food! Snuggle! Sleep! Now!) Even at the very beginning, you wanted to sleep with your arms out as far as you could reach them. The nurses kept swaddling you entirely, but we knew better - you stopped crying as soon as we freed those arms and then we all had a blessed hour or two of rest.

You have always been a lovebird - always happy to snuggle, always happy to take care of your friends and your toys (and eventually your brother). You have an incredibly gentle & nurturing side, as is demonstrated by the number of dolls and stuffed animals that you put to "bed" each night in your room.

You love to sing and dance. You love to draw and write. You love dressing up, and will happily wear a dress (of any kind) before any other type of clothing. You are always up for a trip to Sea World.

Today you are Five, my sweet Bird. Happy Birthday! I love you very much.

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