Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mad Libs with a Preschooler

I had the joyous opportunity to join Bird at her preschool for a Mother's Day Tea a couple of weeks ago. The kids sang songs & did some cutesy stuff, but my favorite was our placemats - transcripts of our child's conversation with the teacher. (In other words, the teacher read the lead-in, and the underlined words are from Bird.)

My Mom's name is Mommy.

My mother has brown hair and brown eyes like me.

She is 1500 years old. (Wow, I look GREAT for my age!)

My Mom is 8 feet tall. (Apparently I am also an Amazon.)

My Mom's favorite food is beans that are green. (I guess she was watching that week I was on the South Beach diet.)

I like her best to cook mac & cheese and spaghetti.

I don't like it when she cooks peppers. (Good thing I don't like them either!)

When I am nice, she kisses, but no licking. (yes, that is a common courtesy we extend at our house.)

My Mom loves me because I'm the favorite. (ummm......)
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