Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How did you meet your Husband?

*At a loss for my own ideas, I'm taking a prompt from dcrmom.*

I met Husband the very first day I arrived at college. I walked right in through his bathroom and introduced myself.

That sounds kind of bold and scandalous, doesn't it? It really wasn't that way at all. Let me describe the dorm set up...

At the college I attended, students were allowed to move into the dorms up to a week before classes started. Since mainly freshmen live in the dorms, this was fairly ideal - gives parents time to get used to the idea, and students time to really figure out where everything is, get books, meet people, etc.

Another wonderful thing is that the dorms were not communal style, but rather suite style. In other words, 2 bedrooms would share a bathroom between them - so only 4 girls sharing a bathroom - i.e. toilet/shower. Each bedroom had its own vanity. Not too shabby!!

Finally, due to not growing fast enough, you had to be lucky to get on-campus housing. The college was in the beginnings of becoming a "real" school, as opposed to the commuter school it had been up to that point. Therefore, honors students & athletes got first preference, and then everyone else was thrown into a housing lottery. Furthermore, honors students (both of us) & athletes (just Husband) were all thrown into the same building.

Yes, I lived in a coed-dorm. But only by floor - and the girls had the higher floors.

So, where was I.... ?

Oh yes. Moving in. I was the last girl to move into my suite; the building opened up on a Monday, and I didn't show up until Wednesday. My parents were there for a little while, but they soon left, and I was all on my own.

It quickly became apparent that my roommate & I did not have much in common, and that was a good thing. (She's a whole other post!). My suitemates, however, seemed to be rather friendly. (And they were. We all stayed good surface friends until we found other friends.)

So, what do a bunch of giddy college freshmen girls do on their first night together? You go check out all the guys who live in the building!!

Thus began our trek - we simply went from door to door, knocking & greeting. As word got out, our group also increased in numbers - we weren't the only girls who thought this was a good idea!

And then we knocked on door 218. Inside, we found an entire group of people that I knew from orientation. I sat down to chat; the rest of the girls quickly became bored & continued down the hall.

Unfortunately, after some initial chatting, it turned out that the group in the room wasn't really doing all that much, and now I was bored as well. I explained what we had been doing, and they decided it would be fun to go with me next door.

So I barged through the bathroom (thank heavens nobody was in there!), and waltzed into the next room. There was Husband, sitting on his bed, looking more than a little surprised at the sudden party in his room.

Six weeks later, we started dating. Four years later, we married. Now, 7.5 years, 2 kids, 2 living spaces and about 10 jobs later, we're still together!
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