Friday, May 2, 2008


at an Egyptian exhibit

Me: Bird, do you want to go see the mummies over there?
Bird: Those aren't mummies!! Those are daddies.

getting home with Daddy after a pizza run
Daddy, can we please ride our bikes just for a little bit? Only two hours?!

After Bird and Bug stepped out of the car in the parking lot of a local park, Bug points to a dead squirrel obviously flattened by a car.
Bug: What that?
Husband: A dead squirrel.
Bug: What happened?
Bird: Don't worry, Bug. He died of old age.

via Bird, as we all rode in the car to go get some dinner:
Bird: "Bug, let's play hide & seek!"
Bug: "Okay!"
Bird then proceeds to cover her eyes with her hands & count.
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