Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Princess Tea Party

Bird's Fifth Birthday - Part II

Bird's fifth birthday party was this past weekend. This year she wanted to celebrate by having a tea party where everyone dressed up.

She chose to be Cinderella - not really a big surprise!

Once all the royal guests had arrived & run rampant for a bit, we needed to properly adorn everyone. So we made (foam) crowns from this spiffy sticker kit I found on clearance last Christmas. (Yes I was looking for May birthday stuff back in December. Bird's been planning this for a while!)

After some more running around, it was time for lunch, so everyone found a seat at the royal banquet table. Our table featured the best china one can find at garage sales.

Bird had a special pink flowered plate & bowl that didn't look like anyone else's.

The royal feast consisted of peanut butter & jelly or strawberry cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, veggies & dip, and jello cubes (made in an ice cube tray).

Once the guests had feasted to their heart's content (meaning they ate lots & lots of Jello!), we had some more running around before we took a group shot:

(I cannot believe that many children can fit on one couch!)

Next thing we knew it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat the cake!

Overall, the party was a great success!! Bird was thrilled with the entire thing!!
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