Thursday, May 29, 2008

Letter I'd Love to Send

Dear Bathing Suit Manufacturers,

Really, is it necessary to only make bathing suit tops that only fit size B or smaller? There are lots of women in this world, and they are not all size B. In fact, in America we do not even seem to value size B, so why is that the only size worth covering?

Would it really be that hard to size bathing suits according to cup size? It would make things so much easier. Even a (small) range of cup sizes would be helpful. Then I could avoid finding really cute suits that do absolutely NOTHING up top.

Finally... underwire is meant to support things. Typically larger things. Which means that if you are nice enough to put it in, your swimsuit should actually be made to contain said things. It's just so wrong to get one's hopes up when they see underwire, only to discover that one must be tiny in order to wear it.

Thanks so much.
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