Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Princess Birthday Cake

How the Cake was Built

To build this year's sort-of-castle cake (Last year's castle can be found here.), I used my 8x8 square pans and my 6" circles. It took 3 cake mixes - one for each square, and one for the 2 circles. I know there are lots of people out there who love to make cakes from scratch, but I am not one of them!!

Once the cakes had baked & cooled (I did this the day before), I applied a base layer of frosting. The reasons for this are twofold: 1) it smoothes everything out, and 2) it makes everything look nice & white & clean.

For example, at this corner there was a huge gap, but you can't tell, can you?!

Here, you can't even tell it was 2 layers!!

Now, this much cake is a bit heavy, so there needs to be some support in the middle of it. Keeps the top from crashing through the bottom, so to speak. I traced my circle cake pan on a thick piece of corrugated cardboard & then covered it with aluminum foil.

Once the base layers were assembled, I made a buttercream fondant. It tastes much better than real fondant, but it's not as stiff, so it has to be assembled in pieces on the cake. I don't mind - gives the castle a bit of a rugged look, but it's probably not the best if you wanted a really formal cake. One of these days I'm going to have to post about how to make the frosting!

Once the squares were covered, I put the circles on top & covered them as well.

This is the point at which I was going to add the towers made of rice krispy treats. Turns out that although they were very tasty & colorful (I combined krispys & fruity pebbles)... they can't stand on their own!

So, we have a towerless castle. They do exist!!

All that was left then was to decorate!! I made regular (pink, of course!) frosting for this part and dyed it with food coloring.

Due to a slight miscalculation on my part, I ended up with way more frosting than I should have. So I added flowers on the other sides to girly it up a bit.

Although this was fun, I'm glad her birthday is only once a year!!!
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