Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Morning Routines

A friend asked me how on earth I get to school on time every morning. I am a serious clockwatcher. After typing it all up for her I decided what better place to preserve it forever than to put it out there on the Internet?!

I pretty much make it to school by 7:20 every morning. any later (which happens occasionally - like this morning) and i get stuck in car line for a looooong time.

555 - alarm goes off; get up, putz a bit - bathroom, email, etc.
615 - drink glass of sunny delight (yes, i do plan on glowing in the dark after i die!); pack car with all my school stuff; make lunch for Bird if necessary, etc.
630 - wake Bird.
635 - wake Bird again (she sleeps like the dead). convince her she needs to get dressed.
636 - meltdown #1 because i won't take off her pullups
638 - meltdown #2 because her pjs are stuck around her head
640 - meltdown #3 because i will not dress her (this is something i've been trying to work on with dh. he will just dress her himself. i think she's old enough to do it on her own!)

** of course, these meltdowns can vary in style & number on a daily basis. i am not apprised of the schedule!!! **

645 - finally have her dressed, go wake & dress Bug (he is only 2!)
650 - hop in shower
655 - get dressed
700 - herd everyone out to car
707 - pull out of garage (i have no idea why it takes so long... some kind of time warp!)
710 - drop kids off at sitter's; try not to hug & chat too long. race to school hoping i get the green arrow at the 1st light quickly.
720 - careen into school parking lot on 2 wheels (as best as one can in an SUV!!) & fly into my classroom
745 - 1st period begins
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