Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why not George??

Every once in a while, the school library goes through & weeds out books that are getting too old and put them in the workroom for teachers to go through. I usually don't pay too much attention, as the finds are usually not too interesting.

Last week, however, there was a stack of these in there:

Anybody but me even remember these? Seems to me they weren't out very long; I'd only bought about 3 before I never saw them again. (And yes, I do still have them - right next to my stack of Nancy Drew files & paperback original series books too! I am quite the geek!)

So I took the stack home & have been slowly working through them. On my 3rd now (cause they aren't exactly predictable or all the same plot!), and something has occured to me:

They've taken out George.

Remember how in all the other books, it has always been Nancy, Bess, & George. (c'mon, I know you can see their descriptions in your mind!). Maybe once in a while it would be Nancy & George, or just Nancy & Bess, but usually it was all 3 of them together.

However, in these Nancy Drew/Hardy boys books, George has been mysteriously sick or busy in all of them. What was so bad about her? She was smart, pretty, & athletic - the tri-fecta of a good role model. Bess, on the other hand, was always portrayed as boy-crazy - though she seems to be a bit smarter & not so wimpy in these books. Was it that a dynamic of 3 girls is just too much? Should there be only 2 to pair up with the Hardy brothers? Should our girls want to emulate Bess's flirty ways?

The world may never know. Or care, really! :)
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