Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I can't be the ONLY one who thinks about these things. Can I?

Regardless of the fact that their pictures are EVERYwhere, there are some Disney princess movies I am okay with the kids watching (Cinderella), and some that I still don't want them to see (Sleeping Beauty). And if I haven't let the kids see it, chances are that Husband hasn't seen it either. Which is why we found ourselves on the couch watching Sleeping Beauty after the kids had gone to sleep.

I had forgotten how much I LOVED this movie. I love Medieval things anyhow, and the combination of the Medieval/Gothic drawing and the classical ballet music is just gorgeous!!

But that's not why I'm writing. I'm writing because of Prince Phillip. You see, he's the first prince that's slightly more useful than a strip of cardboard. Even Husband noticed when we first saw him in the movie. I mention this because the conversation that followed... well...

Husband: He talks? Do the old Disney princes really talk?
Me: I always liked Prince Phillip. He has all his Princely Parts.
Husband: Princely Parts? He's a cartoon.
Me: But, he's got character! He has personality! He actually does something to save the Princess & win her heart! (I was trying to avoid specifically mentioning slaying the dragon since we were nowhere near that part of the movie.)
Husband: Don't all princes?
Me: No! The Prince in Snow White didn't have to do anything but kiss her. He didn't even have to find her - the woodland creatures find him & drag him over to her bed. He's no better than a Ken doll.
Husband: A Ken doll?
Me: Yes - as in Barbie & Ken. You know. Ken dolls have no Princely Parts.
Husband: They don't?
Me: Of course not. He's just a pretty piece of plastic with the personality to match. And so was Snow White's Prince.
Husband: I can't believe you're ranking the Princes. Or this crazy system.
Me: It's really quite simple.
Husband: Well, what about Cinderella's Prince?
Me: Hmmm.... He's better than a Ken doll since he actually wanted to find her, but he loses points since he made the Grand Duke do all his work. Let's say he's... a Uni-baller.
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