Friday, July 25, 2008

We Love Cows!!!

Two Fridays ago, two of our favorite places were giving away free food & drinks: 7-11 and Chick-fil-a. Naturally, the kids & I had to make the rounds!

7-11 was easy - all you had to do was go in and get your free 7.11 oz Slurpee (mmmm.... Slurpee). In order to get our free food from Chick-fil-a, however, we had to dress up as cows.

How do you like my tropi-spotted cows?! Funnily enough, the kids' costumes are from several different birthday parties. And yes, I admit that Bug's wearing puppy ears, but at least they were spotted. I think they count. As for Bird... she remembered how the cows dressed up like bunnies at Easter. There was no talking her out of those ears!!

And yes, we may have visited both places for lunch & dinner. Separate stores, of course!
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