Thursday, August 7, 2008


Part of the 'fun' of preplanning is all the wonderfully long faculty meetings to catch up on policy, protocol, and general information. This year is no different in the sense that we have had a meeting every morning, yet the way in which they are conducted has drastically changed this year. We have a new principal, and the difference between this guy and the last one is.... amazing. Night and day.

It's made me realize how lazy I've been in certain things. Okay, I knew I was lazy, but didn't care - and nobody else did either.

It's made me realize several things about good leaders:

- Leaders create teams, naturally fostering teamwork.
Yes, we all work well within our departments. And yes, many of us are friends across 'enemy lines.' But this guy has us working even harder to improve communication amongst each other.

- Leaders have information, and they share it with you.

We all have questions. He actually has ANSWERS! Sometimes, he even has answers before we ask the question. Not only that, he shares them with us. Honestly, it's nice just to be respected as professionals.

- Leaders do not want busy work.

Paraphrased quote: Do this (yes, he was more specific then) with your lesson plans. If I find I'm not reading them, I'll let you know & you can stop.

Furthermore, our meetings have agendas, and although he is not truncating helpful discussion, he is on a mission so that we can get back to our classrooms and get some work done.

- Leaders ask you to do an incredible amount of work.... and you find yourself WANTING to do it for them.

Seriously. We received quite a pile today, and nobody has complained. Including me!

I have incredibly high hopes for this year. We have a school culture to improve, and it seems like our ship finally has a captain.
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