Monday, January 7, 2008

At least it wasn't REDRUM!

My inlaws gave Bird a new bike for Christmas, which has thrilled her to no end. Usually, she's content to ride it around our little cul-de-sac, but every once in a while she wants to broaden her horizons.

So one evening Husband did the big loop around our neighborhood: he was on foot, and both kids on their bikes (Bug's is a tricycle).

Since she's faster, Bird was usually going ahead of Bug and then waiting at the corners for him to catch up. This gave her lots of time to observe the neighborhood & make all sorts of comments to Husband.

At one point, though, she was making absolutely no sense. She'd been pointing out various letters on the road signs, but all of a sudden she just started telling Husband M-R-O-T-S.

He asked her what in the world she was talking about, but instead of answering she merely rode off to the next corner, only to repeat it to him. Finally, she pointed to where she saw the letters - right over a STORM drain.

Quite frankly, I'm impressed that she's reading them upside down & backwards!
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