Friday, January 4, 2008

An Unexpected Side Benefit

We have 2 'real' phones (i.e. landline phones) in our house: one in the kitchen, and one in our bedroom. The phone in the kitchen is your typical cordless phone/answering machine model.

Sometime in the last couple months, however, the cordless phone ceased to work. It's not a battery problem, cause all the displays & buttons kinda of work, but it refuses to actually ring or make a call - you know, those useful features! Since the phone in the bedroom is usually far from where we are & behind a closed door, we pretty much never hear the phone ring until the answering machine picks up.

Tonight, however, it's managed to screen THREE telemarketers who hung up before the outgoing message finished. THREE. That's three people I didn't have to ignore, shoot down, or just hang up on.

The weekend is starting to look rather good!
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