Monday, January 21, 2008

That's It - I'm Going to Bed!!!

I think the title says it all! :) Newly completed tasks are crossed out & in green.

1. fold load of laundry in dryer
2. empty dishwasher
3. load dishwasher with dirty dishes (no, but they've at least been rinsed, so no nastiness lingering in the kitchen)
4. grocery shopping
5. put Bug's train table back in his room & put the coffee table back out in the living room.
6. Take Bird to make-up dance lesson
7. do Chemistry homework (almost done! did most of it at the dance lesson)
8. type up answer key for chemistry homework
9. write lecture notes for the next chapter in physics
10. lesson plans for the next chapter in physics
11. write practice questions for AP
12. write tests for honors & AP
13. write lecture notes for regular chem. (at least enough to get through tomorrow!)
14. lesson plans for regular chem. (again, enough for tomorrow!)
15. grade papers for ALL classes & get grades online
16. go outside and ride bikes
17. take Bug's bike away when he repeatedly rides where it's not safe
18. provide snacks when requested
19. have a long discussion about how vegetables & ranch dip is indeed a snack
20. clean kids' bathroom
21. put Bug in bath (at 4:30pm, no less!)
22. supervise Bird cleaning her bedroom
23. swap kids in tub
24. supervise Bug cleaning his room, and then doing a massive rearrangment & sorting of his furniture and possessions.
25. start to clean living room & family room
26. eat dinner (leftovers! yesssss!)

27. take out trash
28. finish cleaning all toys & papers & dishes that are out and about

29. put kids to bed

Everything else can wait for tomorrow. Good night everybody!!
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