Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy "Holiday"

I love the fact that I have a three-day weekend. It makes me wish every weekend was three days. Then I'd have one day for fun family stuff (even if it means we all loll about on the floor all day doing nothing together), one day for all things house-related (like laundry, grocery shopping & cleaning), and one day for all things school-related (grading papers, lesson plans, lecture notes, doing homework....).

But, of course, being the fun-loving (and procrastinating!) person that I am, managed to have fun family days on both Saturday and Sunday, leaving today for both school and house related things. And technically, the kids and I had fun this morning too.

I did not realize Husband had to work today. Oops. My evil plan to foist all the House duties onto him has been foiled!

So, here I am instead blogging about what needs to be done. (I wasn't kidding about the procrastinating!) Let's see:

1. fold load of laundry in dryer
2. empty dishwasher
3. load dishwasher with dirty dishes
4. grocery shopping
5. put Bug's train table back in his room & put the coffee table back out in the living room.
6. Take Bird to make-up dance lesson
7. do Chemistry homework (almost done! did most of it at the dance lesson)
8. type up answer key for chemistry homework
9. write lecture notes for the next chapter in physics
10. lesson plans for the next chapter in physics
11. write practice questions for AP
12. write tests for honors & AP
13. write lecture notes for regular chem.
14. lesson plans for regular chem.
15. grade papers for ALL classes & get grades online

I do not forsee any more House items being crossed off today!! Oh well. The kids have finally picked out today's movie, and I bet I can get the papers graded before it's over - they picked Bedknobs and Broomsticks! heh, heh. I don't think they've ever stayed long enough to watch the entire thing, but at least they won't be picking on one another for a while either. :)
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