Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Bug

Today you are 3.

If I wanted to be technical, I'd say that tonight around 9:44PM you are three, but since you thought your birthday was last Saturday when we had your party, I don't think you are too interested in technicalities.

You shot into this world a month early and shocked all of us - especially me, since I was trying to take a nap when you decided you wanted to come out. You very loudly voiced your opinions when you were born, and not much has changed since then. It's just that I understand (English) words far more than loud screaming.

You were such a serious baby - it took so much effort to make you smile. Although... it made your smiles that much more precious when you did. Looking at you today, I am tickled every time I see you grin and giggle at me.

I love that you are ticklish and that you love to be tickled (some of the time at least). I love how your eyes light up when you are happy. I love that you love books, and never tire of begging people to read them to you. I love that we can still cuddle.

You love trains, cow & doggy, Elmo, cars, trucks, milk, books, Mommy, Daddy, and Bird.

You have an adorable little dance that you do when you tell me that Daddy's running.

You love to jump.

One of your favorite games is to lure me out of my seat to go do something, and then fly across the house to sit in my seat and laugh at me when I discover you.

You could play in the bathtub for hours if we would let you.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy. Love you!!
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