Saturday, August 25, 2007

Because sometimes I don't trust my own tongue.

My in-laws are currently visiting us & have been here since Wednesday evening. We don't see them as often as we see my parents, so I am happy that the kids finally seem cemented in who they are. I have always wanted my children to have a good relationship with their grandparents, even though neither set lives locally. Thanks to pictures and telephones that is made a whole lot easier.

But sometimes people say things that are not intended to annoy you, and it just grates on you until you worry that you will say something you will regret.

For example, this morning while I was showering and Husband was out running, they put a movie in for the children. Even though I had just told the kids no movie till they got dressed & had breakfast. Not to mention the fact that it was awfully early to watch the one movie they get to pick each day.

Then, once everyone had dressed & eaten & we were all lounging around waiting for the movie to finish, my mother-in-law said "When the boys were little, we didn't have dvds and such for them. Not that it mattered, cause they never really watched tv anyway."

Let's ignore the fact that the only thing she does most days is watch tv.

Let's ignore the fact that she is the first one to force Bird to sit through an entire movie (Cinderella).

Let's ignore the fact that she repeatedly teaches Bird that it's more fun to sit & watch tv than it is to go run around & play. (I admit to this one a little bit too, but what mother doesn't on occasion? But seriously, I have never advocated the 24/7 television viewing)

Let's ignore the fact that after Elmo was over, she still asked if they could watch Annie this afternoon. (um... NO. they still only get one movie a day, a fact that they will surely regret since they offered to babysit for us tonight.)

Finally, let's ignore the fact that I am being snarky and petty and hope that since I've typed this here I can let go of this and treat my houseguests properly.
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