Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm still here!

Goodness!! A whole week without posting! Unfortunately, a whole week without the gym either. Ugh.

So, after the first day of school was over, the faculty rounds up all the high school students and takes them away for a retreat in the woods for a couple of days.

The beds may have been old & creaky, but there was indoor plumbing and air conditioning in those cabins. And you can't put a price on fun - the student government worked really hard to have lots of activities & promote student bonding.

Then, after getting home at midnight, it was tons of fun to get up early the next morning to drive 2 hours to go to a wedding. It was the kids' first time at such an affair, and they did remarkably well. (I am not above bribing with crackers.)

Bird's highlight was when she got to dance with the bride. I'm sure she thought the bride was a new Disney princess. ;)

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