Friday, August 31, 2007

Daddy is required.

Husband has been out of town all week for work. (but he's HOME NOW, would-be ne'er do wells!!!). Granted, the work he had to do while away was incredibly super-boring, but he was very well-fed, and he had a hotel room all to himself, complete with a huge comfy bed & a television on which he could watch anything he wanted.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch it was me & the kids. Now, I may be supermommy (ha! not a chance!), but I just do not have the patience that man has. We are completely different in how we interact with our children, and we balance each other out very well. Not to mention the fact that we each get a child ready on weekday mornings. And I get Bug - the easy one.

So this week was an exercise in family cohesiveness for the three of us. We had to figure out new timings to get us all out the door on time (we were late on Thursday though), how I was going to get all my work done (we all went to school Wed. night so I could practice my lab - dinner & a movie in Mommy's classroom was lots of fun), and whether or not I really could work out at the gym (we did! twice!).

But things just weren't the same, and last night both Bird & Bug completely melted down on the way home. Ultimately, it boiled down to one thing: they missed Daddy. Due to his schedule & a time zone change, he wasn't even able to talk to them. We did lots of crying & talking last night.

Daddy was home when we got here this afternoon, and I have very happy children now. They seem to have relaxed; all is back to normal at our home.

There is a huge philosophical point in my head about how Daddy is the cornerstone of the family and the rudder on our boat of life, but I am just not feeling eloquent enough to get it out in writing. Suffice it to say that we all need each other in this family.
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