Sunday, August 26, 2007

Must be the New Math

In anticipation of our houseguests (my in-laws), I ran the dishwasher Wednesday night so that we would have plenty of dishes during their stay.

I figured I'd have to run it again today (Sunday), but when I went to load the breakfast dishes, I had problems trying to fit everything in. Seemed odd, since there had only been 4 breakfasts (only bowls since it was just cereal), 1 lunch (plate for everyone), and 2 dinners (one of which involved eating out of the serving carton).

Then I realized that we'd accumulated 25 drinking glasses. That was just the adults. They had taken over the entire lower level. It amazed me how fast it happened, especially since Husband & I stick to a fairly rigid glass-a-day.

Remind me of this fact when the kids become teenagers!!! I think all the house resources will be used at an exponential rate then.

Or maybe I'll just make them do the dishes instead.
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