Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bacon Crackers

I first read about Bacon Crackers over on the Pioneer Woman's blog. (And if you need more explicit directions, definitely click that link & check them out over there.) I was a bit skeptical that something so easy could turn out tasty. I mean, come on - only three ingredients?

Sure enough, that's all it takes: Club Crackers, parmesean cheese, and thinly sliced bacon.

Grab yourself a bunch of crackers & spoon a heaping teaspoon of parmesean cheese onto each one.

Then wrap a slice of bacon completely around each cracker. I used turkey bacon cause I like less grease (and yes, I realize the tradeoff is more salt. I wish they made a low sodium turkey bacon!!)

Bake on a wire rack (don't have one of those - how do you like my mini-muffin pan standing in instead?!) in a 250F (120C) oven for up to 2 hours (if you have a normal oven), or a mere 1.5 hours (if your oven is more like my Portal to Hades).

I had to be careful - these suckers went from not cooked to nearly burnt in the space of a few minutes. Since I used turkey bacon, I didn't really need the muffin pan, so I probably would just line them up right on the cookie sheet instead.

As far as taste went.... they were okay. (The folks I cooked them for seemed to enjoy them far more than I did though!) I felt it could use less salt & more cheese. Should I do this again, I will probably sprinkle some mozzarella in with the parmesean. Cause really, what's a little more fat at this point?!
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