Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who Tried This Stuff??

Our cordless telephone has been dead for months (a year by now?). The answering machine attached to it works, but other than that we have not had a landline telephone except for the old-fashioned model in our bedroom that I've owned since I was 15. (And that was a Happy Birthday, let me tell you!)

Thanks to an Amazon gift card, we've recently acquired a working cordless model. Husband is slowly working through the manual (yes, he reads the directions! I'm so lucky!), and has come upon a few amusing instructions:

* Do not use this telephone to report a gas leak. (Is this like not using cell phones while filling your gas tank?)

* The AC adaptor should be connected to a vertically oriented or floor-mounted AC outlet. Do not connect the AC adaptor to a ceiling-mounted AC plug, as the weight of the adaptor will cause it to become disconnected. (Who has an outlet in their ceiling? And who wants to plug their phone into it?!)

* Note, if the message memory becomes full, erase unnecessary messages. (Is this not the most unnecessary statement ever? Are there people who panic when they hear 'memory full'? Do they seriously not know what to do?)

I'm dying to see if it works, but I have to let it charge for at least 6 hours first.
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