Thursday, March 13, 2008

Queen Bird Holds Court

Ever since Bird got a bike for Christmas, she wants to go out into our cul-de-sac and ride it. Which is great. That's kind of the point of a bike.

The unexpected (to me, cause I never really thought about it) effect is that both kids have now started making friends with the other kids who live on our block. Said children will even show up at my house wanting to play with my kids. Which is kind of weird - we've only ever really done scheduled get-togethers up to this point.

I've always wondered how Bird acts in groups. Most of the time when I've been able to watch her, she will hold back until she feels comfortable. For a long while, she wouldn't even talk to the neighbors (and occasionally she wouldn't look at them either.) And that was okay - I would rather her be wary of strangers at first.

However, I think she's okay with everyone now.

Not only did she manage to seat her brother and 2 other boys down to a tea party (and she wasn't even bossy, which floored me, as that was a first), they all had a lovely time. In fact, after they had their tea, they collected a small group of twigs and roasted leaf marshmallows.
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