Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Told ya so

Bird was screened for entrance to kindergarten last week. If you've read here, you know that I've been a little bit nervous about this. There's not exactly another place for her to go next year if she does not go to school with me.

So anyhow, Bird came up to school & talked with the therapist. I managed to wait an entire 24 hours before going to talk to the therapist myself. Fortunately, she was gracious and told me I could come back & chat with her the next day.

This is where the fact that I work there came in handy. Not only did she tell me Bird's score, she took out the actual test & showed me all the questions and answers!! And I can finally lay my neuroses to rest. Bird was 4 years and 10 months old and tested at 5 years old for almost everything!

The only thing she was a little low on was General Knowledge, but judging from the following sample list, it's not hard to see why. This child is my daughter in oh-so-many ways.....

1. Where do you find tigers? At Sea World in a cage. (Too bad she didn't ever mention the word zoo or jungle.)

2. Why would you send Grandma a card? So she can read it. (Well, she can't read it if you don't send it to her, can she?)

3. What do these things (pictures of a lit candle, the sun, and a lamp) have in common? They are all yellow. (Sure enough, they were! Eventually she also said they were all hot, so she did earn credit for this one.)

4. What takes longer: brushing your teeth or eating dinner? Brushing your teeth. (She's not kidding. You would do well to avoid us after bathtime.)
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