Monday, March 24, 2008

This last week in pictures

In case you missed my super-happy spring flower, I'm on Spring Break this week! Which means I am taking a much-deserved mental break. And yes, that includes from heavy-duty blogging as well. (Cause you've surely noticed how in-depth this blog gets!)

So instead this week will be featured in pictures! Today features the events leading up to Easter:
Our church had its own Easter Egg Celebration a week ago; the sanctuary was transformed into a "Jerusalem marketplace", where children could make things like "rope" or "butter", play games that looked amazingly like hopscotch, and all sorts of other fun things. Here they were learning how to write in Hebrew from the "rabbi":

At Bird's school the kids all dressed up as Bible characters and re-enacted the parade that honored Jesus during his final walk into Jerusalem. Bird is 2nd in line - the golden angel.

In general, I have mixed feeling about this event, but those thoughts are best suited to their own post. (Not to mention those thoughts would be the heavy duty kind that I'm avoiding this week!)
And of course we had to dye the Easter eggs!! Not being a total fool, I turned this task over to Grandma!! But it did allow for some wonderful Grandma-grandchildren bonding time.

(M, if you're reading, yes, those are the mugs your mom gave me when we graduated high school.)

All of which leads us up to wishing you & yours a very happy post-Easter week!!

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