Sunday, July 22, 2007

At which point my head exploded.

Yes, I am still complaining about the AC. It's been over a week now and the heat is getting to me.

* * *

At 10am on Friday morning, since I had not yet heard back from the warranty company, I called them back up to see what the status was. Got myself a new representative (since they won't tell you their actual names or numbers)... and she had no idea what I was talking about.

Clearly the girl I talked to Thursday evening must have been IMing instead of actually typing my comments & concerns out.

So I may have been a tiny bit impatient with Girl #2. I might have yelled "I need to explain all of this to you AGAIN?!", because she was looking for a supervisor rather quickly. Again, she couldn't seem to find one, so she said she would put my name in the supervisor queue and that I should hear from one soon. Provided them with my cell phone number so that I could actually leave the house (which was already about 85F).

An hour later.... no call. So I call again, only to be told "oh, yes, you are in the queue, but they have 24 hours to call you back."

This is when my head really started to hurt. And when I really started getting cranky. I guess I was convincing, because after a 5-minute hold I had myself a supervisor.

But they sent me Atilla the Supervisor. A very wooden lady who would say only 2 things:
1. Any and all typewritten company litany. (at times I think I heard her flipping pages in the company manual)
2. "I am not going to discuss this with you further."

I tried to appeal to her heart. (she didn't have one)
I tried to appeal to her human side. (might have told her she had no soul)
I tried to appeal her business sense. (which, clearly, she doesn't care if they lose money)

I am now praying that the repairs on Monday don't work. Because clearly their definition of "working AC" and mine are miles apart.

Why oh why did I not listen to the repair guy we had last year? He told me to take a baseball bat to the whole thing.
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