Monday, July 16, 2007

Fingers crossed...

I had planned to start blogging about our trip today, but one of the things that greeted us upon returning home was a broken air conditioner! The repairman couldn't come until dinnertime tonight, so it was just too dang HOT around here to do much on the ol' computer.

Unfortunately, the repairman did not label our AC as "dead," which is what I was really hoping for. I know that sounds weird, but we've been renewing our home warranty every year in hopes that this will be the year that the AC finally kicks the bucket. In the almost 6 years that we've had the house, we've had to call on it 4 times, and each time the repair guy just patchwork fixed it. (The last guy told us to just take a baseball bat to the unit to kill it, but I think they might figure that one out!)

However, the very nice repair man still has no idea what's wrong with it this time, so he did a slight patch job, and told us to call tomorrow if it still does not seem to be cooling.

He left the thermostat at 70 degrees.... 2 hours later we're still hovering around 80... I am so hoping this thing is finally dead. It is such an energy drain; I would love to have something more efficient (so perhaps one day I can set the thermostat below 80).
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