Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Back!!

We made it!! It was questionable at times, but a wonderful trip overall! Hoping to be up & about my favorite Internet (and real life!) haunts soon.

I have lots of blogging material for the upcoming days, but here's the jist of our trip in numbers:

15 - days of vacation
45 - hours of driving during this vacation
9 - different US states that we drove through
34 - different US state licence plates that we saw (+ 2 from Canada!)
6 - different locations that we slept in
24 - hours that we watched TV in the car (I want to hide Elmo in Grouchland, Cinderella, and Annie for a while!)
7 - hours that Husband or I was squished between the carseats as we drove my mother in law for one segment of the trip

4 - eyes that were infected with pinkeye
3 - different walk-in clinics (in 3 different states, no less) that we had to go to in order to treat the pinkeye (and the subsequent ear infection & tonsillitis!)
2 - family members who will never eat dried apricots again now knowing that they are AKA "colon blow"
2 - parents who came down with some nasty cold/virus (but at least it was on different weeks. I think? that might be a plus)

5 - cuddly loveys that we had to keep track of in so many different places
23 - hours we spent at various theme parks (more to come on that!)
17 - family members who gathered for a 4th of July cookout
2 - different friends we got to visit with (one of whom we got to meet for the first time!)
6 - playgrounds that we found to help the kids run out of energy

0 - nights that either child got to sleep on time (I think 9pm was an early night. ouch.)

1 - highly touted Holiday Inn Express cinnamon roll that I finally got to try. (very tasty)
16 - oz of M&Ms I consumed during the trip
2 - free slurpees for the kids (lasts all month!)

3000 - miles driven (more or less - time to get the oil changed again!)
782 - pictures taken (and that doesn't include the ones I deleted straight away!)

Anyhow, I must get back to unpacking!!
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