Tuesday, July 31, 2007

School Shopping

Last night Bird & I went school shopping at Targ3t for the very first time. She only needed a backpack, a lunchbox, and a pair of sneakers. The backpack was easy - pink - but the lunchbox took some deliberation. She first opted for a pink number that was way too big, then moved on to a pink one that was too expensive. (It was about now that the Goldilocks story popped in my head). Finally we settled on a purple Princess one and a separate purple water bottle (cause she is all about matching).

But then we hit the shoe section, and discovered that all of the sandals are on clearance. To my girly girl, this is nothing short of heaven. Half an hour later... we had 3 pairs for $10, including her first pair of flip flops (purple, cause the pink ones weren't on sale).

At home, she ran inside to show Husband what she'd picked out. She was so proud, and is so excited to be going to school in the fall. I pray that preschool is everything she hopes for and more.

When I checked on her at the end of the night I discovered she went to bed with the purple flip flops on. :)
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