Sunday, July 22, 2007

Six Flags Over Georgia

I've been so consumed with the AC that I haven't chronicled any of our vacation yet!! And since I am not going to be scrapbooking this anytime soon, I better start journaling now.

Our first day out, we drove to Atlanta to visit my oldest and dearest friend. (I link cause I love, though she does not update often.) We've known each other since 7th grade. (wow! almost 17 years now!). She has 2 boys, J7 and N5. (now I'm getting creative; the nickname is their initial and their age, though N is almost 6).

Anyhow, she homeschools her boys, and they were involved in some reading program that allowed them to earn tickets to Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG). The boys did so much reading, in fact, that all 8 of us got to go for free!! (well, 7 of us. Bug is still free cause of his age.) Yay for us!!

(seriously, what is up with the parentheticals today?!)
Anyhow, I think a bulleted list will work well here.

The Good
  • The weather that day was very overcast, and they were predicting rain. This had 2 benefits for us: it really wasn't that hot, and it scared most people away. I don't think we waited more than 20 minutes for anything, and we walked onto quite a few things.
  • There are the typical photographers at the entrance to the park, and they were kind enough to take a group with my camera as well as theirs.
  • Good - Lots of roller coasters!! Even better - Marian & her husband do not like roller coasters. So they would watch the kids on occasion so Husband & I could ride them all - together!!
  • I got to experience a standing and a flying horizontally coaster for the first time. All I can say about Superman is WOW!!!
  • Their new coaster (Goliath) was absolutely amazing. What I found particularly scary is that you only have a glorified lap bar for this ride - no shoulder harnesses here! And yet the trip was extremely smooth & fun.
  • There was a neat kiddle land (Bugs Bunny World) that had all sorts of age appropriate things for our kids, like airplane rides, cars, boats, etc. Bug was too short for most of it though he did have a great time in the carrot patch.

  • Also in Bugs Bunny land, we were floored when Bird actually went on this:

  • There were tons of characters all over the place, and they were out so much it was really easy to get to them and take pictures. In the case of Porky, he snuck up on us & jumped into a pic I was taking of all 4 kids!

  • They have these misters all over the place - easy way to cool off.

  • They also have a mini water park in the back with all sorts of stuff to cool you off. (included in ticket!)
The Bad
  • Parking is $15. This is more than any theme park in Florida. And you are stuck there unless one member is dropping you off & not staying with you at the park. (There are gypsy lots & roads nearby, but this is not a great neighborhood, so they are never recommended)
  • You get nothing for your parking price. The lot is big, but there is no transportation to the front gate.
  • They are not kidding when they say that NO OUTSIDE FOOD is allowed into the park. I was allowed to bring in milk for Bug (thank heavens everyone's sandwiches were in that cooler!), but they did ask me to throw away the snacks I'd packed into another bag.
  • The food you can buy there is typical - overpriced and lousy, as we discovered at dinnertime. I think our family spent about $30 at dinner for some burgers, fries, and drinks. (and we only bought 3 dinners!)

Anyhow, I will leave you with this particularly endearing photo of Bird on the carousel. She kept yelling "no Mom! Don't take my picture! You need to get on your own horse!"

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