Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brain Dump

I just finished reading Harry Potter #5. I started to read it a bit before lunchtime today. After I finished the last bit of Harry Potter #4. I'd planned on reading HP #1-6 on our vacation, but I forgot to pack the last 3. So now I'm trying to get them all in before Saturday. One day ought to be enough for #6, right?

* * *

Got a call from school asking me to trim my lab supply requests, as I was clearly over budget. Packed up my 2 and 4 year olds, only to discover that they have no idea where my list is, nor will anyone who knows where the list is be in the office before Monday. It's on my school computer, but I'm not authorized to put it back together over summer holidays. Whatever. It's not like I actually NEED lab supplies when school starts. And they threw away my chemistry books. Cause who needs books?

* * *

AC company called today. They will be out Monday to fix everything. (what is it about next Monday?!) Providing, of course, we have not totally melted by that point. I immediately called the warranty company & demanded a whole new unit (amongst other things). Nice (sounding) customer service rep said she could do nothing until she actually spoke to AC compnay.

"But, Mrs. X, you do realize that your contract states that if an item can be repaired, it will be repaired and not replaced?"

"Yes, but do you realize that you have spent more money repairing this thing than you would have if you'd just replaced it the first time we called?"

She swore up & down that she would call me back once she talked to the AC company. I told her I didn't believe her. I'm not so sure I get any points for that one.

Hoped to spend tomorrow at the splash pool. I may be stuck at home (er, this temporary sauna because ewww.... we are super sweaty around here!) on the phone with these people all day.

Maybe I should try for a hotel suite. After all, an employer who tried to force his employees to work in a 90-degree office for one day would be sued. These people are forcing me to live in a 90-degree house for over a week simply cause they don't want to replace the AC.

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