Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good and Bad

Good: I just took 3 computer training sessions at school, and I learned an awful lot of useful stuff, er technology, that will be very helpful this coming year.
Bad: I just spent the last 2 days at school, even though preplanning doesn't start until next week.

Good: One of the classes was a refresher on Power Point, which I haven't really had the resources to really use in the past. It came back quickly, and now I remember how to do it all again.
Good: I almost finished an entire chapter's presentation.
Bad: It took 3 hours to do one chapter. I am supposed (self-imposed) to be doing this for 2, and possibly 3 textbooks. I'm hoping I get faster with this!
Bad: School has PowerPoint 2003. I just realized I have 2000 at home. Which will read the file, and I can continue to work on things, but is not nearly as easy to use, nor does it have all the features.

Bad: School accidentally threw away old chemistry books.
Good: School decided that instead of replacing old books with more old books, that they would go ahead & just order the new books. While this will be painful in the short term for me (cause I have to prepare new curriculum), I do feel that this is a good book for the students.

Good: Publishing company sent me preview copy of the teacher book I chose for the honors class. They also sent a very useful CD.
Bad: Nobody at the company ever mentioned that there was a new edition coming out this year, and our order would be this different book.
Good: They sent a new teacher book & CD for the new book.
Great: I was lazy.... no... I enjoyed my summer and didn't read the old book, so I have nothing to fix! :) Procrastination finally pays off!
Questionable: Will I regret not doing any work this summer? (I hope not!)
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